Full Service Cremation

Griffiths Funeral Homes Cremation and Funeral Services New Ringgold, PA Full Service Cremation

When accessing information thru our funeral home, we are a full service provider.  This simply means that when selecting Cremation Services whether a simple cremation or traditional funeral with cremation as a means of disposition to memorial options,  you will receive the complete energies of our staff and access to our facilities.  From professional knowledge, coordinating services, and post funeral care that saves families hardship and money to various payment options.

Our staff  realize that these services may not be needed in some case, or that families now wish to self direct.

Please call at anytime to find out the difference between a Full  Service and Self-Guided Cremation.

Many times I or my staff will direct you for we recognize our  fiduciary responsibility to all we serve.

E. Franklin "sank" Griffiths III