Benefits of Life Insurance.

Our philosophy at Griffiths Family Services is to assist families within our communities with all of life's intricacies. We pride ourselves in extending our service beyond death care issues. Whether assisting with Medicaid applications, facilitating pension rollovers, updating health insurance premiums, it is our responsibility to purport the professional knowledge we've garnered over my thirty-seven years within my vocation.

It has fallen upon us to apply and process most Life Insurance Claims, update beneficiaries for survivors and explain the pros and cons of ownership. Privately owned Life Insurance is the most overlooked financial instrument  for individuals and families in today's complicated world. Unfortunately, at the time of loss, it is the one product that comes to a family's aid, assisting with final expenses and providing monies to help fill the void of a deceased. Yet with this said more and more individuals do not have Basic Life Insurance Coverage.

I've partnered with The Seltzer Group Insurance Agency to address this need as I begin to make sure all individuals and families learn the benefits of Life Insurance.

The staff at The Seltzer Group  work closely with you to find a plan that will fit your unique needs within your budget. We know that you can’t put a dollar amount on your family, but you can ensure their future is protected. And while you can’t predict when the unexpected will happen, we can help you prepare for it when it does.

Call us today at 570-668-2550 and let us explain the benefits of lifetime coverage that lets you know your family is protected.

Thank you for your trust.

E. Franklin "Sank" Griffiths III
Funeral Director